Oddly enough, you and I agree on a few things again. My solution to such a situation as the Dallas thing? Don’t be there. Just like they teach in many martial arts, the easiest way to block a punch is simply by not being where it is thrown.

I am keeping my eyes on the potential protests/demonstrations today and this weekend since I have to drive right through two of the areas where they are scheduled. Tomorrow I may be driving quite uncomfortably for 220 miles in a set of plates and some firepower within arms reach.

Very VERY true , we are responsible for our own safety , that means not being there in the first place , and avoiding people and areas where its a higher possibility . Its like going to a biker bar for a beer after work , when you can simply go down a couple of more blocks , to a family friendly bar for that same beer . Dont be there , and use at least the common sense god gave a jackass as your out and about . If your white , then dont go sniffing around in the hood or the barrio for ANY reason ………just sayin .