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Considering boston bombing was a false flag i wont post all the clues about it if you dont look it up on your own you wont believe the lies told. There was NO reason at all for the orders stay inside. So whenever a shooting occurs everyone needs to stop and cower in homes and offices so cops who are

1: No extra bodies wandering around. With a couple hundred wired and trigger happy cops running around, it’s safer to be inside.

2: You go wandering around outside, it distracts the cops when they have to keep checking you out for their safety. Anybody on the street is a potential bad guy.

REALLY Been in a war zone had lots of civilians interspersed through out, never shot one even through the fog of war but cops hey why not shoot everyone cant tell the difference huh? guy with gun shooting at you BAD people carrying gun potential threat not all in one lump shoot them all and let god sort them attitude. Did civilians die yes stay side work for some but you can live life under the couch.

Not enough training? Not enough equipment? or just dont care? You think the bomb thing was hooked up by non serving cops with prior military demo experience? This is why the other tact they will take on the two choice option that will be presented in no for more gun control then cops nee more military gear watch and see.

This is what gun grabbers will use cops cant tell difference between people with open carry and people meant to do you harm so no guns for anyone so we can keep you safe… yeah 20 mins til they killed sniper in dallas? 30 + in most cases would you wait for 30 mins or like in every case where shooter was stopped mid or early was a citizen taking care of business.

I get you are always on cops side, and some time they are unfairly branded like from black lives matter more cops and white have been killed than blacks so what are you protesting over should try to stop the black on black killings which are into the 2000+ already not the measly 126 by cops like anything fix problem with biggest gain first.

The other thing is cops dont speak out about false flag narratives, and you have to know some of it is just a plain set up. If you go along and dont say anything and know, you are guilty as rest of them.