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My initial responses are contained within the following quote [inside brackets]:

Boston was a hunt and kill affair for a couple of goat humping excrementals. [No disagreement.]
Exigent circumstances not martial law. [No disagreement.]
Troops were not quartered, free speech still happened. People were instructed to stay in their homes for a number of reasons, basically all safety related. [No disagreement.]
1: No extra bodies wandering around. With a couple hundred wired and trigger happy cops running around, it’s safer to be inside. [No disagreement.]
2: You go wandering around outside, it distracts the cops when they have to keep checking you out for their safety. Anybody on the street is a potential bad guy. [No disagreement.]
3: Personal safety, those asshats blew up innocents at the marathon, you think you would get any consideration from them? [Not a chance. No disagreement.]
No point getting you and your family possibly injured when you can stay inside where you can defend them. [No disagreement – IF that was all that happened.]

I am in full agreement with the above – as far as it goes. Where I begin to have a problem is with the part that wasn’t included – the Paul Harvey “rest of the story”.

I wonder how those law-abiding citizens felt after abiding by the order to stay indoors, when large contingents of SWAT (and similar) personnel were banging on their doors, hauling them outside with their hands up, forcing them away from their own homes without even being allowed to get jackets or sweaters on over their t-shirts and tank tops, and only allowed to return an hour or more later to find their homes wide open, fully searched, nothing secured or protected in any way. Once they were a block away from the safety of their own homes, surrounded by law enforcement, their protests that there was nobody else inside their homes held no weight with the home-invading LE folks, who threatened those that had the audacity to object. YouTube still has many such videos available, though some of the more egregious examples have inexplicably disappeared.

That’s the part of the Boston exercise to which I take great offense. While I don’t know for a fact, I rather doubt that an order has been issued to local and state LE agencies to start doing this kind of thing as a means of programming the citizenry for future martial law. I suspect someone would be blowing the whistle on that, given that many LE types are still honorable and decent patriots. What’s disgusting to me is that too many in LE believe this type of on-the-spot suspension of the law is acceptable and that they have the authority (legal and moral) to do so.