Namelus, forget? Hardly.

We have access to information that the German and Russian peoples could only dream of. Live as its happening, archived for all to see.

We have rights that those people again only dreamed of. Protected rights. Sure they can be infringed upon, but not without cause or due process.

Boston an experiment in martial law?
Boston was a hunt and kill affair for a couple of goat humping excrementals.
Exigent circumstances not martial law.
Troops were not quartered, free speech still happened. People were instructed to stay in their homes for a number of reasons, basically all safety related.
1: No extra bodies wandering around. With a couple hundred wired and trigger happy cops running around, it’s safer to be inside.
2: You go wandering around outside, it distracts the cops when they have to keep checking you out for their safety. Anybody on the street is a potential bad guy.
3: Personal safety, those asshats blew up innocents at the marathon, you think you would get any consideration from them?
No point getting you and your family possibly injured when you can stay inside where you can defend them.

I don’t worry about lists, I’m on a mess of em.
I don’t worry about FEMA death camps (ain’t seen proof of one yet).
I don’t worry about door to door gun confiscation. The legislation has to happen first. And with our Congress, the best money can buy, do you really think that could be kept secret?

There’s more important things to worry about like the local economy, hunting season and filling the freezer, things that are tangible and happening.