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You forget the lessons of the past whirl, german was in martial law from 33 they had way more people to officers, they will use a false flag so people want to for their “safety” It is not a numbers game it is psychological dominance. Look at prison few guards lots of prisoners some fights some breakouts but basically it same as out side. think fema camps you remove the people who lead and can cause insurrection to government funded resort with your family ( think feudal hostage taking) how many will fight? Then add only place to get food and water, already more than 1/3 of society lives off government as sole provider an economic collapse or another infrastructure and people with no skill, will trade liberty for work and food just like post ww1 germany.

I use germany but you can insert almost any major country china russia japan ect all have done same thing, if it was something new it could fail this is something proven, just need catalyst.

You think they wont have a rolling martial law city to city with a list to round up those who would cause trouble and move to the next? No government has ever done that right maybe read some Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and say we are safe this will never happen again. Just look around you and tell me what the difference is between this point in time and every other time a dictator and purge happened? Remember everything done in those times was legal, there where laws backing it all up, where do you stand when what is morally right is not legal?

Starvation is the biggest weapon of mass murder chosen for it effectiveness and relative near zero cost, but that takes too long water well you know how long you live without that,

Boston event was a test to see if people would accept martial law to “keep them safe” so you use cover of riots to move from town to town to stop “unrest” arresting “rioter” as seen on tv no one will protest laws/arrests they will ask for it and places to store people are in place and then well the rest are comply or die. since they are the sheep they will do as asked.

And the biggest distraction is war in case you haven’t followed it https://www.rt.com/news/350940-china-criticize-usa-hague-ruling/ china giving the middle finger to world who gonna enforce it?

Russian warning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PgSX-WD96Q you never see this on news here

How much would it take to set off a **** storm?

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