So lets look at “martial law” with a jaundiced eye.
First, it’s never worked for any length of time, and not on a large geographic area, it hardly works on small areas.
Sure it worked fine post-(hurricane X), but these were localized occurrences. Make it geographic and you will see failure like never before.
Face it, something happens in Massachusetts, it has little to do with Wyoming.

Secondly, with 324+ million people in the US alone, how big a force would it take to “police” it all?
There are only @2.5 million US active duty and reserve military members.
Say between 800,000 and 1M active LE members.
Assuming they all show up magically, and didn’t stay home with their families, that’s roughly 67 people for every possible”policing” member. Now assume 12 hour shifts, that’s now only 134:1.

Here with nearly 21,000 people in the county, that’s 122 people for every “policing body”. 67 would be needed for town alone. An additional 55 for the rest of the county. Over a mere 2088 square miles. Kinda daunting.

You’re going to tell people in what is probably the most independent and heavily armed state that they can’t carry their guns around, that they are under “federal rule” and can’t do “X”. That their right to assemble and free speech has been suspended. I can’t wait. This should be funny. I want to watch. And that’s from a place where there aren’t even a million people total.
Try that in the gun control mecca of Chicago first and let us know how well it went for ya.

Here’s the thing, recently a number of states have enacted say the Fed has no power when it comes to certain things, generally Firearms are a priority item. And that any attempt to interfere with that right is a violation of the contract between the “US” and the sovereign state, and makes that contract null and void.

Bluntly, Wyoming (and other states) need the Fed a lot less than the Fed needs Wyoming.
The Fed goes away, little would change here.
The Fed tries to take control, they better send for help before they try.

From a practical and realistic point, the whole major immediate change will not work. Period.
The death of a thousand cuts, as the Libtards have been doing for decades, now that’s working.
Even if it’s making people mad.

Martial Law: You’re worrying about the wrong thing.