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” there are too many elements here that just don’t fit an “out of the clear blue,” 15-20 minute start-to-finish, first-time-ever (supposedly) method of taking out a bad guy in a civilian setting” GS

I found it interesting that the DPD had a pound of C4 and detonators. But not really surprising. This is not the first time police have used explosives. Don’t you remember in Philly, Move?? “In 1985, another standoff ended when a police helicopter dropped two bombs on their compound, which was a row house in the middle of Osage Avenue. This killed eleven MOVE members, including Africa and five children. Fire destroyed 65 houses”

“Mayor Wilson Goode made a formal public apology.[26] No one from the city government was charged criminally. The only surviving adult MOVE member, Ramona Africa, was charged and incarcerated on riot and conspiracy charges” End of Story.

These protests are setting up the situation where police will not shoot at protesters no matter what they do. Then like in the Egyptian arab spring the rioters can burn down buildings and kill people as the police watch. They will arrest you though for killing a protester in defense of your life. Bet on it.