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And now we know yet another “accessory” available in a martial law environment. Read the details, don’t just watch the video – they’re chilling. The C4 didn’t even destroy the robot, yet blew a hole in the wall, and the fragments were what turned cop killer into hamburger meat. I have zero problem with the end result, but the implications from the method, going forward, are, shall we say, “substantial.”


We are to believe that the police just happened to have that robot stuck away, gathering dust in some closet somewhere other than the site of the killings, and some cop just happened to get a bright idea, and they just happened to have C4 available somewhere else, and all that was brought together in “15-20 minutes” from scratch? I like this police chief from what I’ve seen of him so far, but I’m sorry – I just ain’t buyin’ the story we’re being fed. How’d they transport the robot, make sure it was properly powered up and equipped for this mission, get it on line so its handlers could monitor it and receive video and other data as it moved in behind a wall immediately opposite the killer, locate the killer and align the robot immediately on the other side of the same wall, all without his knowledge, and detonate a quickly prepared (likely shaped) charge that blasted the wall without killing the robot in the process? I’m not EOD or otherwise explosives trained, so it’s quite likely that there are things I don’t know. But there are too many elements here that just don’t fit an “out of the clear blue,” 15-20 minute start-to-finish, first-time-ever (supposedly) method of taking out a bad guy in a civilian setting. If the Dallas Police really did all that in just that kind of scenario and time frame, my hat is even more off to them than it already is. Just call me skeptical, awaiting further education if somebody knows more about this than I do.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m fully satisfied with the end result in Dallas. What concerns me greatly is that the equipment and capabilities of federal, state, and local law enforcement have far outstripped the level of trust I have in them to ethically use that equipment and those capabilities.