What can you learn from the ambush in Dallas that could help you survive after SHTF.

To quote Clint Smith: “Rifles eat body armor like Pac-Man eats dots”.

Officer Thompson used his pistol from a place of concealment to shoot Johnson directly in the back. His pistol bullet bounced off the killers armor plate. Johnson then turned and advanced, sadly moving behind Thompson where he fired the lethal shot from mere feet.

Had Thompson fired his pistol ‘tactically’, he’d be here today. Same for the other 4 Officers.
Thompson fired like he was trained to do, Center Of Mass. Had he raised his sights, say 12″……

Lesson One: Keep your eyes on the target. Know if they are coming for you.
Lesson Two: This isn’t a snatch and grab robbery, change your mindset and target. The days of COM (Center Of Mass) shooting are over. Separate post to follow.

This was a “peaceful” protest, the problem with this is twofold.
First, when you’re considering that BLM is essentially a hate group, hating ‘whitey’, the group dynamic is already all but a mob, with the same mentality. It is not a safe group to be around, regardless of color.
Secondly, as part of the group, you have no individuality. You could be a doctor, lawyer or housewife in normal life, but as part of the mob, you’re just another screaming voice. Herded and urged along with the rest of the flock, perhaps to slaughter.
As part of the mob, you can’t escape. You’re stuck where you are, unless you’re on the fringe, and even then.
As part of the mob, you may be being led right into the abattoir and not even know it until it’s too late.
Post-SHTF this will be especially important, as the group is a really ripe juicy target for defender and attacker alike. Look what the Korean shopkeepers did with shotguns during the LA Riots, what various Riot cops did in the 60’s, aimed for the masses and skipped buckshot into shins. I expend 2-4 rounds and hobble a dozen or more? The stampede will commence (and did).

Lesson Three: Stay out of large groups. “There is no escape”.
Lesson Four: Avoid “Extremists/Hate Groups” like the plague.
This is an especially tough one for some. And we’re not just talking BLM, but the Bundy Ranch Militia also qualifies. Ya, I just torqued off a bunch of people, but it applies also. Extremists on any side can get you just as dead with stupid antics, tactics and motives.
Just being in the wrong car with someone can put you at risk, depends on them. But they are leading you to trouble that you can’t avoid.

Lesson Five: Always be armed. Yes, there were supposedly @20 “open carry” protesters in the group, and not a one shot back. But they could have, except that they’d likely have gotten shot by the LEO’s who were there, entirely by mistake. Discretion vs Valor, one of the “open carry” gents, handed his rifle to Police and aided the injured. He did what was more important, and what he could do.
But if there are no LE present, you can shoot back, retreat (or advance) while returning fire, keeping the bad guys head down. They don’t like active resistance. More on this to follow in COM thread.

It would be good to review Rogers’ Rules of Ranging.