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LT, Here in Florida the electricity/gas are private. FPL is a private company but it has some controls by the Florida government because all the land and lines are part of the government own lands.

But even if they were to go total private the problem is that if there price were to go to high people would go to solar or use much less. It is the same as all markets including Walmart which when it has there prices go up they sale much less and there stocks go down so they have to find a way to keep there prices down. The market always works. People will always find another way if the prices go to high. Also technology changes like the cellphone which killed the cost of national cost and the internet killed almost all the cost of country to country calls. The cost is way down.

On the water/sewer/trash we do not know right now but many businesses use private companies for there trash because it is cheaper. I see that the mail is going that way too. Amazon is now delivering almost all the product. Amazon has purchased there own trucks so even UPS and FedEx are having problems. U. S. Mail is dying. Everything that the government controls can be done for less by private companies.

I believe the best thing is to let private companies be free to go into all businesses, the more the better and prices will go down.

Remember when AT and T had a monopoly on calls and how high the cost was.