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Freedom, I can’t blame people for acquiring weapons while they still can (and confiscation “laws” aren’t the only way the supply could be suddenly contracted.) But in a civil war (citizens vs. cops, or blacks vs. whites, or in whatever form a domestic shooting war could be structured) we’d all be vulnerable. Commander Zero would have accomplished the job the money masters set him up to do — drag the USA down to a level where it can be treated like any other screwed-over banana republic — maybe invaded, or at least, ripped off in a way it can’t be … yet. And he wouldn’t need to care whether the current fedgov “wins,” or loses. He would have succeeded in knocking us down to where he thinks we belong.

Any semi-prosperous nation hasn’t yet been stripped as thoroughly as it could be. As bad as the management of publicly owned systems may be — utilities, dams, roads, ports airports, water supply systems, for example — they’re still under some form of popularly-controlled management. Imagine if they were suddenly “privatized” (pirate-ized). Imagine how double, or triple your water/sewer/trash/electricity/gas bill might affect your life. Are there connected people licking their chops, waiting for their chance to buy such monopolies from bankrupt agencies suddenly forced to spend more on defense than on operations? What do you think?

And how much easier a target for foreign military action would we be, if we were at war internally? Having enough well-informed, armed, and trained Citizens (as in the constitutional militia of the several States) that our enemies, foreign and domestic, wouldn’t dare try (as the USA once had) would be best. Prepping to survive a national downfall as disconnected free-lancers against the whole rest of the world is a sad second best, but it beats doing nothing.

Cry, "Treason!"