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For now we see in a mirror darkly, but then face to face. Not quite a rational thought however somehow it makes sense. BLM is a terrorist group as Rush Limbaugh observed when he interviewed Heather Macdonald on his show. The US isn’t safe for anybody now.

Given political correctness will not allow the black lives matter gang to be labeled a hate group let alone a terrorist group, it is only going to get worse as the year progresses.

Yesterday I took a new route to Maine that I hadn’t done before, basically Rt. 2 through what we call the Northeast Kingdom in VT, then continuing on Rt 2 through NH and into well Maine before I veered off to go my 1st stop which was Bangor. This is a slow route through small towns and the countryside. On the radio I listened to the police shooting news and all the other racial garbage and was reminded how glad I was to be living in Northern New England (VT/NH/ME). I was left wondering if we will reach the point that we see people moving here so as to escape some of the racial tensions that are getting worse in so many places. Alternatively it is perhaps me who doesn’t understand things being I have never lived in an area that wasn’t more or less 100 percent white.