Really, militarize the police?
The same administration that hates police?

Because a handful of pieces of excrement decide to use a ‘peaceful’ protest to start murdering cops, they are going to declare martial law?

Any bets we are talking about some radicalized BLM members emboldened by the words of zero in the last few days?

But do BLM really? 5 cops dead, and a total of 11 innocents shot. Sounds like some of these murderers were less than discriminating shooters, not caring who else may get injured.

These cops had nothing to do with the shootings in MN or LA, they just had badges.

And why no martial law after something like this? Because no one likes cops. For martial law to work, the public has to go along with it even reluctantly. In this case, that’s hardly likely. Because no one cares.

Here’s a picture for you.
Imagine for a second these excrementals weren’t just murderers with an agenda, but a couple of Zeros faithful muzzies.

With 4 shooters, the body count would be phenomenal. Just like Isis has called for, the targeting of groups just like that. Well not exactly like that since Isis has called for the targeting of white people so as not to get bad press.
But if that happened, the cry would be “where are the police”? Why weren’t they here?

Don’t like cops? Okay that’s your opinion.
But the cops will still be here tomorrow to protect the public, just like today and yesterday, protecting even those who don’t like them.

Oh, wait, there’s 5 officers who won’t be protecting anyone today or tomorrow, families left to grieve, because they were called to protect and serve, and we’re killed because of that.

If you have a minute, listen to the dispatch tapes that have been released. They know about multiple shooters and still go. They know lives are endangered, they go. While everyone else is running away, they go into the fray to stop the madness.

5 dead, 6 wounded.
Despite that, today almost 800,000 officers will put mourning bands on their badges and saddle up for work. Remaining that thin blue line, another reason that martial law isn’t needed or warranted. Because the rule of law still applies. The sheepdogs remain vigilant.

Think that doesn’t matter, ask Selco what happens when the cops don’t show up anymore.