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Tolik, in the glorious recent past, this nation was the powerhouse, arsenal, and the breadbasket of the “free” world. Now, not so much (and not so “free.”) Not only have we reduced the farming acreage. and are continuing to import millions more to help us eat what gets grown, as MB points out, but many of the “agricultural advancements,” which produce higher tonnage, also produce lower nutrition, mineral depletion, and actual, measurable soil loss. All the anger and munitions “a pissed off , hungry , broke population with guns” can muster won’t make more food, in a world of growing population, technological sophistication, and economic competition. It also doesn’t help that most of the governmental/monetary policies those people with the guns have either asked for, or at least, tolerated, are making most of them more broke, more hungry, (and presumably) more pissed off. Would that it made them smarter.

Evidently, most of the people, armed or not, are simply not going to bother to learn what is actually going on, except as the price of beer, hot dogs, and Cheetos slowly escalates, and their paychecks get smaller, with more and bigger deductions. I suspect that was one of the unstated premises of the simulation. Keep your powder dry — your pissed off, hungry, broke, armed neighbors may start wondering how well your garden grows.

Cry, "Treason!"

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