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Yeah … of sorts. Question is, what sort? The victory garden got a lot of people through rationing, during WW2, but at the time, somewhere close to half the population lived on, or at least came from, farms, thus knew how to grow food. Nowadays, about 2% of the population is directly involved in farming or ranching, and well more than half live in cities or suburbs with little more than postage stamp back yards, or window boxes, to “farm.” Granted, every bit helps, but those with little experience, space, and time, may find that the production fails to justify the effort.

If the FRN “dollar” gets too close to its intrinsic worth, we may see much more than the current ~30% of America’s farm production go to overseas, to whomever can pay for it. Any neighbors who have been living on your wallet via the government may decide to eliminate the middleman. Gardens, stashes, and defensive capability all look like good ideas to me.

Cry, "Treason!"