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The article also says that these dire results were predicted by “a desktop game simulation of the conditions of a global food shortage.” It’s probably not a horrible idea for FEMA, its contractors and international counterparts, to look at possible catastrophes, and make general plans to deal with them, if they occur.

I am glad that they are doing simulations of this nature rather than just assume there would never be such a scenario. I have long thought it was shortsighted to year after year convert farmland into commercial and residential development while at the same time the population is increasing by about 1% per year (world and US). Add to that formerly arable land being lost each year to aquifer depletion and desertification and sooner or later production vs population will collide.

My present property is still partially in production with a sheep pasture and hay field, plus to a lesser extent pmy large veggie garden and small apple orchard but the whole property used to be farmed before my house and that of a couple neighbors were built on what had been a pretty large (for here) farm. Two prior homes I had were both in subdivisions that had once been farmland with prime soils for crops. Vast amounts of farmland have been lost in this manner.