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The article also says that these dire results were predicted by “a desktop game simulation of the conditions of a global food shortage.” It’s probably not a horrible idea for FEMA, its contractors and international counterparts, to look at possible catastrophes, and make general plans to deal with them, if they occur.

Still, though this was only a computerized simulation, “set five years from today in a world where population growth, rapid urbanization, extreme weather and political crises combine to threaten global food security,” CNA Corporation’s research indicates, “the world’s food supply could be insufficient to maintain even current populations much further into the future. And the crisis — which several factors indicate may already be underway — may begin to worsen considerably as early as 2020.”

It’s probably likely, given how a certain confiscatory (and proudly unproductive) “religion” is being clandestinely supported by “our” government and that of the EU. The western globalist governments make a fetish of dropping oblique hints about their vicious plans (as if that were somehow “fair warning”) before they drop them on our heads. It makes them feel so superior.

Cry, "Treason!"