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It’s absurd that Fox “News” is “suddenly” presenting this as if it’s new news. It’s old news. Very old news. There’s another thread here on the Forum discussing hardening of autos and trucks, with suggestions including getting an old car without today’s sophisticated electronic modules. That didn’t work out so well for some vehicles in Hawaii during the high altitude Starfish Prime nuclear test in 1962. And the entire grid went down in Quebec in 1989 from a large CME, well into the adulthood of many in this forum. But that event isn’t even mentioned in the Fox “News” article.

This isn’t news at all – it’s old stuff, and people just have been dealing with their own denial and cognitive dissonance issues, stoked by MediaGov’s intentional non-coverage of the story (if we don’t hear about it, it must not be important, right?!?).