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Thanks for the advice skidmark.
You sure seem to know your stuff.

I do think you have made a lot of assumptions though.
Specifically on the night watchman:
If you have limited manpower and there is a lot of work to be done the next day, do you use 2 individuals for security OR do you rather rely on being concealed and allow everyone to get a good nights rest and be productive the next day?
What if the topography/vegetation around our “Clubhouse” (or in your case “Retreat” ) worked in our favour?

Two individuals observing the pitch darkness beyond about 30m. Thus one would have to decide where to site a LP.
Assuming that the LP is sited on likely avenue(s) of approach it means that security spread very thin.

Possibly they might be able to hear something as it approaches, but even then our experience it will be at about 50m. At this stage decent NV worth anything is unobtanium in this country in terms of cost.

Given the area that would have to be observed to include the area where the shooting came from , I reckon it would at least 10-12 individuals.

Lastly: Do you think we had not made other preparations for night security?

Any how, playing in the wood is still lots of fun ;-)