Hmm, Wounded Knee (150-300) or, Little Bighorn (274).
Much depends on which side you’re on.

Argue about the trivialities all day long, it doesn’t matter in comparison to reality.

Like it or not, we are at war.
With an opponent who doesn’t care if you are straight, gay, white, black, or anything else but whether or not you follow their particular brand of Islam. And even then….

They do not care that your child is a noncombatant, that your wife is in the danger zone, you are all infidels and only worthy of dying.

Submit and be made mutton of.

Fight with everything you have, then give some more.

I decided to remove the next couple paragraphs for safety sake.

However, I will recommend keeping heavier hardware handy than before.
The days of the pocket gun were numbered since Mumbai. They ended with Paris.
San Bernardino and Orlando?
Game on, bring a real gun.

It’s heavy and uncomfortable? Suck it up buttercup.
Second place is the first dead in this contest.