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By way of deception thou shall do war.

Seems like a handy rule to use in war and peace. In the case of the Orlando pulse massacre the authorities are only going to release redacted versions of Mateens phone calls to 911. It’s obvious there are things they don’t want us to know about these very important phone calls. In the interests of national security …. of course. What history reveals is governments lie to people, not some of the time or even a lot of the time. It’s ALL the time. In the u.s. Our news massage is total. They judge what they want us to hear and then tell us. If they make an 8 minute mistake in a press conference and then erase it that’s really unfortunate. Oops told the truth, sorry about that. No we can’t identify who did it. So whatever you think is the real story? Forget it. How does that help survival planning. It doesn’t. When rule by emergency is declared you might as well turn off the radio and tv and throw them away. Even the net if it’s still up will be suspect. Back to the basics, get food water & sleep. But we the People have to have a credible source of info. So far on Orlando, we don’t have any. When the country decides to accept media theories and blame guns. We’re in a state of anarchy. All they want us to know is some wacko committed a mass kill and were at war. There is definitely more to it than that. It’s not over.