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Freedom, the media are attacking Trump over this very point. Obama is either clueless or up to his neck in the plot. The slaughter of innocent people has worked in the past for the anti 2nd amendment mob so why not do it again. I agree with Tolik the Republican Party is cowardly when it comes to false flag attacks. The democrats scream the loudest in the corrupt media so they get the most attention. The evidence with increased gun sales like Trump says… there’s something wrong here. Pinning it down would take the investigative power of the FBI and we all know whose pocket they’re in, Obama. If Putin could blackmail Hillary with her hacked emails you can only imagine how compromised she is as a political leader. Now we know for certain there is a fifth column in the u.s. getting ready to take down the country. Orlando was a warning sign, right out in the open, impossible to miss.