Do I ‘hate’ groups of people? No. But I do learn to be aware of repeated/predictable actions and obvious goals. (Like conquering the world…this is not the first time a group has tried, and with cruelty and violence, partially succeeded when those who were invaded were too soft to effectively resist.)

I think too many people cannot understand worldviews that are totally different from their own. Those who have grown up in peace and affluence cannot comprehend what true hatred and mob mentality does. Nor can they comprehend what hunger and fear can do when things go ‘south’ with the failure of an economy, e.g. Venezuela at the moment…Paris during the siege when upperclass people took their pet dogs to the butcher just to survive for one more meal…

I did not believe the world, or the US, would be at this juncture a few years ago. But here it is, at the tipping point. And I see no solution. God help us. Literally.