I agree to being armed at all times. My husband is disabled and I am now 73 (and not as strong or fast as I used to be) so I carry almost everywhere. It is illegal to carry in a bank or post office, but I look around before I enter unarmed.

Now that this violence has occurred, the blame is being put on legal gun owners and our rights are being attacked AGAIN. We had nothing to do with this. If one of us had been there, as you said, the carnage would have been minimal, perhaps two or three before the perpetrator was silenced. But no one is listening to reason. “Guns are evil”…not the person responsible for using them in an evil way. No one wants to be politically incorrect and admit this is another ISIS related terror attack.

I refuse to be disarmed. My great-grandparents on one side were Christians in Turkey during WWI, and their people suffered jihad by the millions. Fortunately, my great-grandparents were ‘spared’ decapitation and merely marched out into the mountain wilderness in their 60s to die. My g-grandmother contracted pneumonia from exposure and hunger but survived because her husband heated rocks and placed them around her body until she recovered enough to make it to a friendly family. The Jewish people suffered the same in WWII. First, they were DISARMED…yes, for the public safety, only the govt could have guns so they could ‘protect’ their people. We all know how this turned out…just read history for the past several millennia.

Governments are interested in total power. Their ‘concern’ for their people lasts as long as they need to secure this power. Then the sheep are slaughtered….

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