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I have a fox living under my shed. He’s rather large and some people who have seen him think he’s a small coyote. He kills and eats rabbits. I’m hoping he wipes them out before they start the attack on the garden. As usual my wife has put up deer fencing from top to bottom using military camo poles. Even the birds are unable to penetrate it. Oddly the deer seem scarce this year. So far we’ve trapped 1 groundhog, 1 rabbit and a bunch of chipmunks. The crows spotted a cat one day and harassed it to death. Nice cat is taking care of our mice problem. Pesky crows also spotted the fox and make a terrible racket. What we really have is an animal farm with a small human gardening zone. It’s a good thing we don’t have ducks anymore. They were banned by the town, they were so good at fertilizing the lawn.