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Throughout history anytime a religion was in charge of society the result was no different than when a secular dictator was in charge. People had few rights and life on average was harsh. Currently the threat in this regard is Islam. I remain flabbergasted that some cannot see that their goal is to take over the Western world and push society back hundreds of years. Christianity has mellowed from it’s heyday some hundreds of years ago and no longer poses a threat to secular society. What’s not good is that Christianity is not fighting back Islam.

Christianity has otherwise splintered into many factions ranging from alignment with the far left to alignment with the far right. The far left faction of Christianity would likely be content with a socialist govt. that controls every aspect of our lives. The far right faction seems to want a theocracy that controls every aspect of our lives. Fortunately most Christians are somewhere in the middle.

That Islam reveres Jesus as a prophet does not spare Christians the wrath of Islam.