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Agreed, Sled. It is sad, but we once had citizens instead of sheeple. It is as Orwell warned in 1984: the very words of the language are being redefined, gradually, and piecemeal, to be sure, but changed enough that older writings, speeches, even ordinary conversation, take on new, and unintended interpretations. It’s the modern way to lie.

I once saw a “Meet the Press” (or was it “Face the Nation” ?) interview of then Alabama Governor and presidential candidate, George Corley Wallace, in which he was asked about the obvious conflict between his more recent comment on some issue, and his years earlier remarks on the same subject. He responded: “I see no conflict. I said what I wanted to say then, and I’m saying what I want to say now!” If you can’t handle telling the truth, you’re a shoo-in for politics.

Cry, "Treason!"

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