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I am not sure where your views of Christians and muslims have come from, but islam REQUIRES its members to lie and deceive unbelievers. That very requirement precludes them from ever being considered honest…. As for Christians, there are so many denominations and nondenominations of Christianity that lumping them all together as socialists is a far cry from reality. There might be a few liberal/socialist/removed from reality type Christian groups out there, but there is no way to consider them all that way. Unlike the very core of islam, where you can immediately group them all together due to their required literal translation of the quran, Christianity allows for interpretation. Atheisism is a religion just like Scientology or Christianity for all practical purposes. These believers group together to form their own moral justification and code of beliefs as would any other organized religion. Sometimes they are (in my observations) only slightly less fanatic than the followers of muhammad.

I agree with the wall on our borders, but I don’t know where you came up with Christians not wanting a wall. Are you living in New York or some parallel universe? The Western and Southern State Christians (from websites I have read) mostly agree that a wall is more than necessary – essentially required.