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Religion is a social club 74. Atheists have very little influence here except in science & tech fields. You are more likely to lose a job if people identify you as an atheist. I’ve heard people say a republican and a democrat can be married happily, I really doubt that, but never an atheist and a Jesus believer. If Christianity was once what held the USA together I’d say the country is fragmented as hell these days. There are some sects of patriots who are extremely religious but they almost seem to be in an altered mental state quite a bit of the time. We have freedom of religion in America. Oh really? Peaceful Muslims may want to join that club but their relatives don’t. It’s an America that can’t say No. It’s lost it’s cultural identity. And they call it a democracy. We’re in the middle of a mass looting party. Atheists will go down with the ship like everybody else. No surprise there.