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74 … My view in general is the world needs more atheists. Both Christianity and Islam are so flawed they will never coexist with Jews or anyone else. Yes Christians have adopted socialist cultural attitudes. Once upon a time you met a Christian you could figure out what he was all about. Forget that now. At least the Moslems are honest, they just hate. They have no trouble with slavery or burning women alive. Don’t be an atheist is an Islamic country, you are deader that dead. Off with your head. Trump is absolutely right. The U.S. has borders or it isn’t a country. Christians can’t accept that premise. Soon in the USA were going to have a huge fight, especially under Hilary, as all of these new immigrants decide THEY deserve a guaranteed income. Our USA will be gone and be replaced by a One God or goddess caliphate. No more separation of church and state. That won’t be NWO. It will be all out war with Queen Hilary deciding issues the way Adolph did, Wolfpack rules. It would be a disaster on the scale of Fall of Rome. A fatal error in the civilization code.