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Muslims NOT being grouped together? Have you read the quran? Are you familiar at all with muslim religion? Let me give you a few tidbits of fact: The muslim religious texts are NOT open for interpretation. It plainly states that the quran is to be taken literally. When you read it, if it says to lie to infidels (Al-taqiyya) and deceive them. It says to kill those unbelievers as early as the second book (al-baqarah) and that is their duty. It also says that there is no law above the laws of islam. This means that the new major of London can’t uphold the laws of England before the laws of his faith. If he does, then he is marked for death per their religion…. Again, no interpretations allowed.

The attacks on Christian churches is a way to break down morals, confuse the masses as to how religions work, and shake the foundations of all these countries that sprang up with a strong Christian belief. It is al-taqiyya and you don’t have to have that many brain cells to figure it out.

Being accepting of cultures that are not violent and out to kill you is a good thing, but letting weasels live in your chicken coop because you think they should get along is just asinine.


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