My comment was in part comparing the attitudes of most in regards to Muslim’s, cops and survivalists, because of the source, giving an easier to visualize comparison.

And also in response to the article, while it did address the fall of Christianity and the rise of atheism, it was lost and as you accurately said, it will never be public here because of the author/the source, an Arab/Muslim source. Again, because of the actions of a few, and the silent approval of the masses, the attitude towards them is such that anything is suspect or ignored.

Has Europe fallen? Certainly, but is the decline in religious beliefs the cause or a symptom?
Possibly, the rise in commercialism , the death of the nuclear family and more.

Typing on a phone, it’s hard to fully expand on certain things without losing signal sometimes.

Most lump the Muslim’s together, peaceful or not. Tarred and feathered with the same brush, radicalized or not. And not without some reason.