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74, your point is well taken. I noticed the same thing, and had pretty much the same thoughts – so I fully agree. I just happened to focus on the observation that Europe has declined substantially as the level of importance in anything spiritual has also declined. And in the surprising case of the article, it focused on the decline of Christian churches specifically. Heaven forbid (hah hah! couldn’t resist) that western media would EVER make the suggestion that a return to religious faith (especially Christian) could have a positive impact on a society, or that the reverse could possibly be true.

Heck – we’re not even allowed to wish people a merry Christmas anymore, yet I’ve seen multiple articles in the past week leading up to the beginning of Ramadan, instructing non-Muslims how to support their Muslim friends in THEIR worship, what parts of Ramadan can be participated in by non-Muslims, what it all means, etc., etc., etc. Thus, the source of the article I linked was both a surprising and a welcome relief from the cr@p being fed to us by our own media – even if the author thinks scientific studies are the way to go (LOL!). Can we even imagine seeing this closing statement in a western publication?

The implications of atheism are apparent in Europe. This is not the desired situation. Once the communities become strengthened spiritually, they can achieve happiness and develop themselves. If Europe aspires to flourish, strengthen and lead the way in the field of democracy, it should first take notice of this fact.