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You want to be compared to gun kid?
Cause I don’t want to be compared to Drew Peterson.

Wow, Whirlibird! What happened to all that training designed to assess whether there is even a threat, before deciding to turn the nearest person into a target and opening fire?!?

How in the world you pulled out a response like that from an article wholly unrelated to either good/bad cops, or my comments having to do with the unlikely source for such an article, is a complete mystery to me. I wouldn’t have bothered to provide the link to the article if my post was a defense of Islam – because the article had zero to do with a defense of Islam. I merely commented that I found it ironic that a Muslim publication from Saudi Arabia pointed out how the decline of Europe is a direct result of the significant decline in religious faith in Europe (primarily Christian, per the article). And I commented that it’s unlikely we’d even see such an article in U.S. media. But then I seriously doubt you even bothered to read the article, or your response wouldn’t have made any sense to you either – at least here in this thread.

People around here don’t like being told what to do, so I won’t suggest going back to bed, and then getting back out of it on the other side. And some people don’t even like being shot at for issues unrelated to the point of their posts…. But then I suppose some hunters get so single-issue oriented that everything begins to look like a duck.