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There is large scale indifference. But on the other hand my area is almost in a panic to set up a political and environmental survival infrastructure. There are so many meetings and projects going on I can’t keep track of them anymore. They recently got in a farm credit east Corp adding 50 jobs to the area. I can’t say it’s good or bad really. It’s a rural area and suddenly millions of $ are flooding in for developments. That of course attracts the planners and consultants like flies. If people weren’t bugging out of the higher density population areas I think this place would be a backwater. People are essentially voting to take the money. Free elections? I don’t think so. The only political principle I see working is get the money upfront. And it will be provided by the state, the Feds or somebody. Less freedom more taxes being the consequence. Privatize the profits, socialize the losses. Hey, who am I to complain. My 1 vote is worth about .01% and if the economy crashes I have enough silver bullets saved. The next time atlas shrugs it’s going to be the big one. Who doesn’t know that by now?

Atlas shrugged.