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If you accept the current environment as all it’s supposed to be then your all good.

And for me, at least, that’s a very major part of the whole picture. I would recommend against anyone I know and care about joining either a police force OR the military at this point in our history. And it pains me greatly to say that, because there still are so many good people in both professions. But they are so often misused as political pawns, don’t get backing when they should, and are in harms way unnecessarily all too often, with rules of engagement that are absurdly inadequate in too many cases. Do some “go off” on their own and ruin it for the rest? No doubt. But there’s little protection for either profession when it’s a truly complex situation, and clearly not just the officer’s or military person’s “fault” (if at all).

But as long as we’ve got a massive number willing to vote for a socialist for President of the United States, a massive number willing to vote for a career criminal and dirtbag for the same office, and the same anti-constitutionalists keep getting re-elected decade after decade by voters all across the nation, the constitutional republic doesn’t have a chance of survival. Hardly anyone understands what that even means, let alone what’s in the Constitution in the first place – and why. Either it’s our fundamental legal document, or it is not. And in fact, it effectively is not, any longer. Thus, GLWT! (Good luck with THAT)

We had a number of local elections last week. With well over 2000 people registered to vote at the precinct where I voted, only a bit over 400 people bothered to show up despite MASSIVE campaigning by one of our own for a council position, along with people going door-to-door for our own neighborhood candidate. His opponent – who won – is a total sleazebag, lying, ambulance-chaser attorney with tons of money behind him even from out of state (for a municipal election!?!?). County wide, the turnout was only a bit over 10%, and that included a US Senator, congressmen, many state and local officials. Almost no one is invested in the very method by which we claim freedoms (fast becoming illusions) that surpass anyone else in the world. That’s just another way of saying what was said above: Too many “accept the current environment as all it’s supposed to be.”