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What I find even more appalling is the fact that 22 vets per day are killing themselves – that’s 8030 in just one year. I watched a video last night about a remarkable program for vets with PTS issues, and one of their “graduates.” He tells the story of having lived with the thought of killing himself every day for years, and finally one day took out his Glock 19, sat down at his desk, put the gun in his mouth, and was about to pull the trigger. At that moment, he thought about “some other m— f— raising my kids.” He couldn’t handle that thought even more than he couldn’t handle living. He then called the VA suicide hotline and was placed on hold for 40 minutes. (I was entirely unsurprised – but livid.) Thankfully and miraculously, he found a way out, and is now paying it forward to help others out of the personal hell so many live in.

In NO way am I attempting to minimize or hijack this thread topic. But while some of those killed by police did probably need to be removed from the gene pool, NONE of the dead vets needed to remove themselves from the world – they just didn’t have the means to go on. Meanwhile politicians and government bureaucracies won’t do what’s really needed to stop it from happening. The “government” rules us – whether it be those in the police forces (which is not all inclusive, thankfully), or those in Washington or state capitols or municipal government buildings.