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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. It’s not the commies, not the Sanders-style socialists we need to worry about. Those are still only the “useful idiots.” It’s not about communism (with or without an upper case “C”) or socialism. Those are merely steps. It’s about what should be called Marxism, but no one dares to utter that word in public for fear of absolute ridicule. Forget the terms, actually. It’s the concept. It is, in fact, what that article above referenced, and what Trump reportedly said in a speech: totalitarianism. It’s what some have come to term the “Dark State.” We clearly see the evidence of its invisible hand shaping and controlling things, but the answers to the questions like, “Who’s behind it?”, are simply not really discernible. But it’s there. You can’t see gravity, nor can you see the wind. But their effects are none the less powerful and even controlling. I made the mistake myself in thinking the fight was about commies and such. Only in the past couple of years have I finally realized that even that’s a planted windmill for us to joust with. It’s not real – but it keeps those that fight it occupied and therefore harmless, while the Dark State continues its roll. I dare say, I’m not even sure it’s about Hillary or Bernie. They would simply help make it easier for the Dark State to eventually rule. Keeping their types out of office only, but at least, slows down the process. And Paul Ryan and Company will continue to provide the assists.