Oh yeah no problem. A method that I thought up for your home is a entrance cage. When someone kicks down your door there is about 6-10 ft narrow hallway leading to another reinforced door. You can have cameras or port holes inside the hallway to see the attackers. AR500 plates for the bottom half of the door so you can sneak a rifle or shotgun (preferred) through a precise hole cut out in the plate, and shoot them from cover.

The cage can be made from welded iron or re-bar then covered in drywall to keep up with appearances, don’t let them suspect a trap. I’ve seen this design in many of the upper tier homes. Only with this method you can choose to line the outside of the “killway” with sandbags so that they are unaware of the danger in all lining up through a confined space and cannot blindly fire back at you or into your home possibly killing a family member. The custom steel would be less than $600 to purchase, you can use a mail slot to hide the hole and allow the tip of the barrel through. I would try to get the hole fabricated at close to the diameter of the barrel as possible near the bottom of the door (knee height) so that you can “De-bone” their legs. If in the confusion they return fire it will most likely be at shoulder height. As you will be kneeling at the base of the door behind steel plating you will be fine. Be sure to stock up on sacrificial doors by replacing internal doors with external doors so that you have a stock of them.

You could go full WROL, IDGAF and place shotgun mines under carpet within the “killway”. When you guys want to use the door way you have a piece of AR500 steel that goes the length of the hallway on sliders, But at the first sign of danger you slide the steel out of the floor and get ready. Even if one of the round where to go off while the hallway was being used by your group, it wouldn’t be able to penetrate the steel. You can concentrate the mines at the far inside of the killway and use it as an early warning in case you are under light and sound discipline at night or they have breached all other security measures without warning. Use the sound of the mine going off to start firing.

Just know your local laws when it comes to man traps.

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