GS ,
Dude WTF , people cant post here without attack anymore ?????? My point that seems to be lost , is very simply that even heavily trained people can fail to do what they need to do , when the SHTF for real , their first time out . When my friend said that he couldnt get enough ammo , he was referring to performing the way he needed to , that he was no longer affected by the situation . I also stand on my point that most people have a life , and are not going to , or cant spend the time playing tactical tommy . Sure , they know how to shoot their own firearms , and may even be fantastic with them …………on the range or hunting …………but people killing people , against a thinking opponent is a different matter , they may choke . They may fail to do what they need to do …….it can and will happen . Why do you think criminals get away with what they do ? because the person they went after , didnt do what they needed to do , like you said , things happen fast . Dont bother with training of any kind ? when did I say that ? I didnt . I also stand on my point that trained or not , until the real thing goes down , you have no idea how you will actually react as a person , vs. the way your supposed to react . A lot of dead people also prove my point . Happens to soldiers , cops ……………..and it may happen to us . In the moment that counts , your nature may make you hesitate , or make the wrong choice , leading to a bad result . Unless a person is an absolute total sociopath , that danger exists …….