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I tried to do one of the 3D zombie shooting games awhile ago. It was horrible. I couldn’t get a feel for any of it. It was like waking up in a dream and being unable to do things. The reality was all slowed down or wrong somehow. No emotion, no idea of strategy. Shoot move repeat over and over again.
About the best training I can do these days is keeping in mind various scenarios and planning what to do: hunker down, BO, or exfiltrate home. And then there are variations of those. It’s always a question of what ….what can I carry and how well prepped i am for the event. How big is it and the response. Freak out or lay back and wait. Man made or natural.
As for physical activity, I get lots of it during the day. There is some training I’d like to spend more time on but can’t because the necessities of daily life intervene. Shopping repairing book work business. Sometimes I think it’s amazing we do anything in relation to our development. It’s work work work all the time. We’re wealthy and poor at the same time. 100 years ago I think people had more free time than we do now.
So I’ve developed my own method. It’s called the 2 and 5 minute training pause. It can be done almost anytime. Just stop and think or do an action. Play a game with yourself. What would you do if….
Well …. what would you do?
Funny huh, just heard a big bang and the emergency siren is going off. Running for the scanner. Only a two car MVA. Personal injury, one subject trapped.
Reality hits. Gotta go to work anyway. See what’s going on.

Second siren in 6 hours btw. First one was 3am. House fire down the road. Gutted I think.

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