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But 74 ,

That is a 2 person job. Especially trying to move a door like that into position. Those 2x12s are heavy. Anytime you have to lift up above head or near face level its hard work. Lifting from the hips and using the legs is a lot easier good for logs. If you have to go all out muscling things into place you run the risk of injury. Unless you’re a 30 year old 200 pound bench presser.

I don’t hammer nails much, I screw using those bronze ceramic outdoor screws. I have to reposition a window or board they come right out. Star bits, love em.

I’ve never taken ibuprofen. Beer or bourbon is the preferred choice and then sleep. Ignore ignore ignore. But I’ve noticed when you get older you are more likely to get the good stuff. After a root canal I told the dentist I’d rather take aspirin and bleed than take ibuprofen. He didn’t mess around after that. I got a prescription.