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Nice job.

SUGGESTION for the hurting part: obtain a good brand of homeopathic Arnica 9C or 30C (we prefer Boiron or Newton Labs – Luckyvitamin.com is probably the least expensive on line for Boiron, but Newton does not authorize anyone to sell their products on line for them – order direct at newtonlabs.net if not in a local health food store). As soon as you’re finished with any job that you know will result in significant soreness the next day, whether from straining, bruising, or just very intensive work, put six pellets of either of the above under your tongue (six drops of liquid if using the liquid Newton Labs). Do it a minimum of 15-20 minutes after having had anything (liquid or solid) in your mouth, and wait at least another 15-20 minutes before putting anything else in your mouth. Repeat several hours later, particularly if using the 9C potency. If really hurting the next day, take more upon awakening, then again up to several times the next day. It won’t act the same as ibuprophen where you start taking it after you are hurting and the soreness subsides for a few hours after a while, then comes back. Instead, it reduces the overall discomfort that ends up occurring. I know of at least one OB/GYN that gives it to his patients just before they go into the delivery room, and post-natal discomfort is considerably reduced. Personally, we’ve used it for years, and would not be without it.

It sounds like a number of us could use an old folks support group. ;-) (Just kidding.)