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Brulen, much to my surprise, good quality cherry juice really has lived up to many peoples’ claims about back and other joint pain, particularly lower back. Some claim that tart cherry juice is better than black cherry juice, but I strongly prefer black cherry juice and since drinking some daily, have notice far less general joint stiffness, and particularly my back. If interested, you might want to stay away from non-organic, since cherries reportedly get very high amounts of pesticides during growing. You can get “Tart is Smart” brand of organic black cherry juice concentrate through Sam’s Club (if you’ve got a membership, or know someone that can get it for you). I’ve tried virtually all of them, and that brand is by far the best, and Sam’s has a far better price than anywhere (the lowest price on Amazon is actually shipped from Sam’s, but with a nearly 100% mark-up). Supposedly a few Sam’s Stores have it, but not around here – I can only get it at Sams.com. Beware of grocery store brands, even the supposedly better ones including the organic varieties – they’re usually a blend of many juices, with the cherry juice being what’s most prominent in the product name (check ingredients!).