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Brulen, LOL! I understand more than you know. I escaped from NY many years ago. It took forever to convince them that I really did not owe taxes in NY even though I followed every step outlined by JAG when I went into the Air Force to change my state residency. A fellow officer and college buddy of mine at the time went through the same hassle, and his final income tax check to NY was made out to the order of “Rocky’s Welfare State” (which certainly dates us). They cashed it without comment, believe it or not! When I see the number of products and services not offered in NY, I just shake my head and am thankful to have gotten out when I did. NY and California shouldn’t even qualify as part of the United States (though it’s getting more and more questionable if any states do anymore, thus my belief the the constitutional republic exists on paper only, and that paper runs the risk of being tucked away out of public view in the not-too-distant future as well).

In all seriousness, having been in the military medical system for more than two decades, including the transition to electronic records, I absolutely concur with having as little as possible visible to “them” (government, not just the military – it’s all the same). Once it’s there, it’s ALWAYS there, and the burden of correction is entirely on you, and you’ll lose. I am firmly convinced that they will use medical records (they actually already are, for that matter) to disqualify people from gun ownership. And though we haven’t seen much of it yet, what will be happening more and more is that those living in the same household will ALSO be effectively prohibited from owning a weapon, because the restricted person cannot have any access, regardless of whether they exercise it or not. The only place where I’ve really seen that enforced is with some Lautenberg Amendment cases, but it’s coming – I have zero doubt.

Oh well – this thread is for food safety, so I’ll at least get back to an ingredient in some canned foods (though it’s very hard to get any significant amount of vitamin D in food).

Vitamin D in the winter is a good idea regardless of S.A.D. or any other reason. As one of the links above said, if your shadow is longer than you are, your body isn’t making any vitamin D. And particularly in the winter, 5000 IU won’t hurt virtually anyone (only those with extremely rare and unique abnormalities). I’ve been taking that daily for a number of years, and have yet to have a test come back above the top end of the reference range. But if your body is relatively normal and healthy, and you are reasonably exposed frequently in the summer, you probably don’t need any vitamin D supplementation anyway (except winter).

My hat’s off to you on your avoidance of prescription meds. I’m now off ALL previous meds, and healthier (and happier) overall than I was 10 (or even five) years ago – just older and in poorer shape (my own fault – no excuse). We’re trying to get away from canned foods more and more, except for vacuum packed freeze dried or dehydrated foods, and wanting to grow more and more of our own veggies. We’ve considered a future possible purchase of a home freeze dryer, but don’t know if it’d be cost-effective (VERY expensive), plus the space it requires is considerable, along with the noise, supposedly. Don’t know on that. But our store-bought canned goods storage is FAR less than prior years, and now at a relatively minimal level.

Keep on keepin’-on with your avoidance of medical documentation to the maximum extent prudent and possible. If I could tell some of the things I know from direct, ongoing experience, it would knock peoples’ socks off. It’s awful what’s documented on virtually all of us, and beyond awful how many people have easy access to it. Privacy? PFFFFT! Forget that! It all started big time with George W’s HIPAA point man, Tommy Thompson, but if Hillary had had her way with Hillary Care, it would have come even earlier. Anyone who thinks HIPAA has anything to do with privacy, except on the lying surface, is naive beyond description. I suggest to people that they do an MIB check (used to stand for Medical Information Bureau, but I think it’s simply going by its initials anymore, like IBM). It’s essentially like the credit bureau for the insurance industries, where they keep your medical history on file for any medical or life insurance company to check if you apply for a policy. Just like the credit bureaus, everyone is allowed a free copy of their MIB report (I think annually). It may shock you wnat you find out they have on file for you – I know it sure did me, as well as my doctor when I showed him what came out of my routine physical, IN HIS OFFICE, and by HIM. I had an absolutely clean bill of health – but you wouldn’t have known it by what my MIB report showed a few years back! Don’t trust the with your medical information to the absolute maximum extent of your capability (and it ain’t just NY where one has to be concerned – NY is just a more immediate concern, while the rest of the nation “catches up”). As I said, I know from long professional experience, from inside Uncle’s medical system. I could write a book, but half the people wouldn’t believe it, and I’d be worried for my own health and welfare if I did. Whistle blowers are like a lot of drugs. They don’t stay around a long time, and are quickly eliminated.