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I absolutely concur with the Wrangler Riggs recommendation. I own three pair (got one for my wife to cut off at the knee, just below the cargo pockets for shorts in the summer). The oldest pair is almost everyday for me, and wearing exceptionally well! Pants for me tend to show the first real wear on the back left pocket where my wallet goes. There’s still virtually no sign of wear there at all after at least two years (maybe going on three – can’t remember). I also like the cargo pockets. The left side is used for my cell phone, and the right side is WONDERFUL for small carry – with a good pocket holster there’s no “print” that is identifiable no matter what position you’re sitting or standing in – and very easy access.

One other comment on the back pockets: the way they’re constructed, there’s very little chance of a wallet ever falling out, and it would also be less easy for a pick-pocket to get it out undetected, compared to any other pants I’ve owned. I LOVE the Wrangler Riggs – very rugged, yet quite acceptable for wearing around town. Yes, they’re a bit warmer in the summer, but no more than a moderate-weight pair of jeans at most.