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1974t150v – Thank you – gives me a thought process to attack developing a plan for this issue.
Talking to Mr. Bobcat neighbor more think we are going to test out a plan for at least protecting pond view etc.first. Guy down road emptied is large pond to dredge it out. The years of letting cattle around it have made it too shallow/cattails have infested it. Going to have lots earth he wants to put someplace. He’s agreed to come dump it here. If we dump the big loads in a certain area (as if we intend to spread on pasture there to improve soil for appearances sake) and then move it around with Bobcat we can make it fairly elevated – make it blend in. After it settles a while can plant on TOP of the mini-hill area and it should do the job, look natural. Has about 8 of the big double axle dump trucks worth coming he figures. Comments welcome?