The not being able to leave while the kids are in “school” I can understand.
But with all that is happening, it’s well to insulate yourselves from potential problems as much as possible.
Have the business set up to run itself if you can for short periods of time.
Start squirreling money away, either cash or “offshore” to allow you to ride out the storm.
Again, plan that vacation elsewhere during the election process, just in case. While there, one can consider what to do and where to go if it does go south in relative safety.

Not wanting to leave ‘home’, we can all comprehend.
No one wants to be driven out by some ignorant savage, be it in Chicago or Springbok.
But one also has to both accept and know, when to make haste and beat feet before the axe falls.

There is a level of willing and planned ignorance that can’t be fought or ignored.
Your leaders have it, our leaders have it.
The difference?
Your leaders are openly calling for and supporting genocide.
Ours haven’t gotten that brazen, yet.

And we have one advantage here, the freedom loving people still outnumber the mooks.

Find a hidey hole, plan accordingly.
I can’t see anything getting better in SA, or more accurately, in Africa in the foreseeable future.
Which is sad, because there is so much potential for much of Africa, if one could remove those in power.