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dorette. I can understand your husband’s thinking of getting the kids well educated being that is something that no one can take away, and also how terrifying it must be to contemplate starting over at his age. I think he and I might relate to each other very well. If your son is only 16, then you still have a somewhat long time frame for his education to be complete. The question then is how long do you think SA has before conditions become too unsafe. Nobody can know the real answer of course. What would seem in order then is putting in place a couple exit plans, including your daughter’s who is in a different city. It is good that you have a place to go in Namibia but not every scenario allows for just hopping on a plane if there are infrastructure breakdowns for example or violence at the airport. Maybe there is a trigger point where you start shipping certain things you don’t want to lose up to your friend’s place. What I am trying to say there is that the exit can be in phases, including the sale of your home and business in anticipation of leaving.