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Very guilty as well. Interestingly, my wife and I were just recently talking about this very subject, and hit on an idea that – while not fool proof – is a heck of a lot better than letting time fly by as it does in later years. We’ve found that our call phone calendars are wonderful reminders for upcoming appointments, etc. Heck – I set a reminder for a an event that occurs tomorrow morning before I usually even get up (one of the “perks” of retirement – not setting an alarm most days). I’d totally forgotten about it – until my 12-hour “reminder” alarm went off just a few hours ago. OH! I need to get to bed earlier tonight, and set the alarm for early tomorrow. The same sort of reminder happened about a week ago on something I’d forgotten about, and had set a reminder alarm to go off mid-evening the night before. That’s what triggered the idea to set up “check-and-recharge dates” for key batteries we have, including the small Goal Zero power supply we got a year or so ago. It holds a nice charge, but can’t sit forever, and can be quickly ruined if it goes to “dead” and stays that way too long. I just recharged some little AAA and AA cells last week, and realized I’d let a few go much too long, they’d corroded, and were beyond salvage when I tried to condition and recharge them.

The same can be true for virtually anything else – put it in the electronic calendar, and set a “reminder” alarm for a time I’m likely to be awake, so I can be reminded and start planning my schedule around the maintenance items coming up. Unfortunately, I’d only thought about the battery recharges – until this thread. Now we need to go through our items and schedule the PM on the appropriate list of things. Thanks, Whirlibird – this triggered a solution to a problem I’d “forgotten” I even had.

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